Mystic River Resort

Explore the magic of Belize’s Mayan temples

Are you in love with the mysteries of the past? Do you love roaming the neighborhoods of ancient civilizations? Mystic River Resort is minutes away from Xunantunich, a fascinating (and possibly haunted!) site of Mayan ruins. It’ll add that special something to your Belize adventure travel vacation.


Pronounced “shoo-NAHN-too-nich,” it’s located about 130 km (80 miles) west of Belize City, atop a ridge overlooking the Mopan River. Its name means “Stone Woman” in the Mayan language. The “Stone Woman” refers to the ghost of a woman who several people have claimed inhabits the site. The ghost is said to be dressed completely in white and have fire-red glowing eyes. She generally appears in front of El Castillo, ascends the stone stairs and disappears into a stone wall...

Approximate drive time:
45 minutes


A short crossing of the Mopan River by a hand-pulled ferry will take you to the entrance to the ruins. Make sure you climb the steps of El Castillo and admire the breathtaking views of Cayo and Guatemala.

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Image of Xunantunich, Mayan ruins built into the side of a steep mountain, accessible from Mystic River Resort, Belize’s adventure travel center.

Image of a Belize Mayan temple at Xunantunich, Mayan ruins accessible from Mystic River.